Writing in Ministry

Hi, this is Lisa. I not only write books and articles, but my life is filled every day with writing opportunities. I am a staff member at my church and a lot of what I do utilizes my writing skills! I have found that there is a need in the body of Christ for writer's to use their talents in ministry. Here are some ways, as a writer, that you can contribute to your church:

1. Letter and card writing. A lot of people just don't know what to say in a card. Men and women with a gift of writing can really contribute to sending out thank you, miss you, birthday, welcome, etc. documents.

2. Commercial writing. If you have access to video equipment, announcements and commercials are a great way to utilize your skills. The following is a commercial that I wrote for a Valentine banquet.

3. Skits and Screen writing. I enjoy writing skits and have written a couple large productions for the church. Screen writing is more time consuming than skit writing, but they're both enjoyable. Here is a trailer for a production I wrote for the community ministry, Hope2all.


4. Newsletters. Not only can a church benefit from a newsletter, but specific ministries within the church may benefit from their own informative newsletter.

5. Web Content: Why not write about events, testimonies, or evven devotionals for the ministry website?

6. Devotionals: Devotion writing doesn't have to be in print, but can be in bulletins, blogs, or pamplets. 

7. Advertising: Writing an advertisment isn't easy without some writing talent. There's everything from posters, newspaper ads, social media,  etc.

8. Song and/or Parody writing. We had a crazy family fun night and my husband and I wrote this silly parody...all in fun.

9. Mix writing with song writing. My pastor wanted to do a skit/song to show the importance of us all working together and taking our places. In this video, I wrote the lead in skit, and my husband arranged the  music. The video quality isn't great, but it was great fun working with everyone.

10. Poetry. Written and spoken poetry is a pretty neat art. I'm not a poet and I would be too embarassed to show you an example of my stabs at it, but some lovely poetry in a card or even used in bulletins or for outreach ministries can be effective.

Writers can work with other ministries to get the jobs done. Combine a writer with other sets of skills like graphics design, video editing, or even administration and you have a great team!

Here is another video from a production Lisa wrote and directed with the help of the production team at The River and area churches. Tim Littlepage is featured in this clip.